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Planning Submitted for a Huge Neighbourhood Centre in Carrickmines, Dublin 18,

I am not sure it can be called a neighbourhood centre when Carrickmines Retail Park already attracts visitors well beyond the local neighbourhood centre.  It will be more like a district centre when the entire development is finished.  I am also not sure how much it will feel like a neighbourhood.

While I welcome the development, I am sure locals will raise concerns about the size of the proposal, and I am guessing most peoples primary concern will be additional traffic.

However, some of the proposed uses will add some additional out of hours life to Carrickmines Retail Park.

The proposal on lands known as Quadrant 3, The Park, Carrickmines Dublin 18, includes a range of different uses from, retail, retail services, leisure space, car showroom, medical centre, residential units, office blocks and a host of other uses. (Full details below).

There are some unexpected uses, including a seven-screen cinema, an indoor skydiving facility and a host of restaurants. I would fear that the proposed development would compete with Dundrum and the new development in Cherrywood, and somewhat Sandyford and none of the areas will be able to build up any soul as actual neighbourhoods.

It is sad to say, but sometimes a soul of a neighbourhood can be the local pub, while restaurants can do well in these areas, people socialise more in their local pub after a meal. Sandyford and Cherrywood so far have failed to keep a new local pub in business. Dundrum has not been much better, but hopefully, Pmac’s can add some life to the area. The older pubs in Dundrum have not really.

Given the proposal in Carrickmines and makeup of uses, I am not sure it will ever feel like a neighbourhood, let’s hope Kilternan village nearby will feel like a neighbourhood when all the development is finished. If not people from the area will keep going to Ranelagh and Town.

Proposal Description:

The proposed neighbourhood centre (including retail, retail services and restaurant/café uses), retail warehouses, cinema and other leisure space, residential units, crèche, office space, car showroom, medical centre, linear park and associated infrastructural works.
The proposed development comprises a Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 83,996 sqm, excluding the basement car parks, in four blocks varying in height from two to six storeys.

Blocks A, B & C include

  • 130 no. Residential units (GFA of 12,522 sqm),

  • 7,983 sqm GFA of retail floor space, which provides for 2 no. supermarkets

  • 11,154 sqm GFA of retail warehousing floor space, 552 sqm GFA of retail services floor space,

  • 3,210 sqm GFA of restaurant/café floor space,

  • 4,667 sqm GFA of own door office floor space,

  • 527 sqm GFA crèche,

  • 446 sqm GFA car showroom,

  • 720 sqm GFA medical centre,

  • 336 sqm GFA management suite,

  • 3,235 sqm GFA of leisure floor space/gym of which, 590 sqm leisure unit for an indoor skydiving facility

  • 7 no. screen cinema with a GFA of 3,194 sqm, 3 no. kiosks with a GFA of 37 sqm and all associated service and circulation floor space.

Block D office block includes

  • 12,980 sqm GFA of office floor space

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